"Une Femme Mariee", Vogue France, August 1995
Photographer : Miles Aldridge
Model : Simonetta Gianfelici

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"An empty space is marked off with plain wood and plain walls, so that the light drawn into it forms dim shadows within emptiness. There is nothing more. And yet, when we gaze into the darkness that gathers behind the crossbeam, around the flower vase, beneath the shelves, though we know perfectly well it is mere shadow, we are overcome with the feeling that in this small corner of the atmosphere there reigns complete and utter silence; that here in the darkness immutable tranquility holds sway. The "mysterious Orient" of which Westerners speak probably refers to the uncanny silence of these dark places. And even we as children would feel an inexpressible chill as we peered into the depths of an alcove to which the sunlight had never penetrated. Where lies the key to this mystery? Ultimately it is in the magic of shadows. Were the shadows to be banished from its corners, the alcove would in that instant revert to mere void."

— Jun’ichirõ Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows (via fuckyeahexistentialism)

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John Coulthart from Lovecraft’s Monsters—(the story) The Bleeding Shadow by Joe R. Lansdale

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"What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age."

— Sylvia Plath (via forever-and-alwayss)

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